Quality Choice Correctional Healthcare NY Provides Excellent Care

The main goal of Quality Choice Correctional Healthcare NY is to contribute to public safety by helping criminal justice and corrections officials to develop and maintain a corrections system that is at once balanced and responsible to everyone by offering medical care that is at least as good as that on the outside. It is perhaps their accumulated experience that allows Quality Choice Correctional Healthcare NY to provide healthcare to inmate patients that is at once both high-quality and cost-effective, and which usually at least meets and often exceeds the expectations of the clients, the facilities and the patients.

They work from the perspective that it is extremely important to initiate and maintain open communications with all players in the correctional services field, including government entities, law enforcement agencies and even the residents who live in the area surrounding a correctional facility. Since Quality Choice Correctional Healthcare NY has served all sorts of facilities, from tiny municipal jails with 20 beds to huge multi-sire detention centers with 1,000 or more inmates, it is clear their compassionate approach to healthcare services works well. Their offerings include chronic care management, mental health services, imaging services like X-ray and ultrasound services, dental services and medical records management, including electronic medical records (EMR).

A physician-owned company, Quality Choice Correctional Healthcare NY has built a great reputation for themselves, based in part on their innovation, knowledge and skill. Their highly-skilled teams have lots of experience and the proven skill to help corrections facilities provide the best healthcare while staying within their budget. They know virtually everything there is to know about inmate healthcare and their medical team can deal with virtually every aspect of healthcare and how it works in a correctional setting.